Artist Statement

The driving force behind my painting is an enduring interest in the beauty of human nature. It’s an emotional response to an overstimulated, complicated, and demanding world. My work tries to bring a simple calming effect to the eye and mind.

I use simple painting and drawing techniques to bring as much emotion as possible in the most straightforward design. Through lack of color and use of negative space, I rely on the viewer to fill in the blanks, to see what is not there. Informed by a classical style and embracing exaggerated light and boldly simplified or distorted lines. The hard light evokes drama, mood, and emotion. With this, I attempt to draw the viewer inward to experience an encounter with the subject.

The background is just as essential as the white form in my work. The black represents opposing ideas: authority and humility, rebellion, and conformity, while the white brings an experience of restfulness and calm, generating a sense of purity, balance, and harmony. In my work, you are forced to focus on the story of an image without being distracted by color.

Artist Bio

Ian Christopher Kabat is best known for his white-only method of oil painting on a black matte background. With its emphasis on high contrast one light source, Ian uses the negative space as an integrated element of each piece. He uses soft finishes and bright lines to capture the essence with a delicate touch. His work has been described as having a contemporary photo-like quality. Ian once said, “He felt like a silent poet, telling a story with each piece that resulted in a different narrative for every viewer.” A graduate of the School of The Museum of Fine Arts, he is currently located outside of Boston. Ian is a member of multiple organizations and societies, and his work can be found at many locations nationwide.